Workshop Courses

Guests will choose ONE from a selection of SIX different workshops covering:

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Advanced Contemporary Romance
  • Novel Writing
  • Non-fiction articles and books
  • Painting and Drawing

All tutors are invited to join us by recommendation only. They have been selected for their unique ability to join in the informality that represents the most important aspect of all WRITERS’ HOLIDAY events. Each workshop will consist of six one hour sessions and will run from Saturday morning through to Sunday lunchtime (lunch included).

1. Poetry Workshop With Alison Chisholm

Sessions will encourage both individual and collective participation.

2. How to Write Brilliant Flash Fiction with Della Galton

This course will show you how to write Flash Fiction: We will concentrate on stories of around 500 words, focusing on structure, pace and how to make this length work.  To include the following:

  • What is Flash Fiction?
  • Five Things that Really Work when writing Flash.
  • Five Things to Avoid.
  • Three Places to send Flash Fiction.
  • How to Catch a Competition Judge’s eye.

Is the Course for you?

This course is suitable for beginners or experienced writers and will include workshops. It is designed to give you practical tips, advice and feedback in a friendly and informal and very supportive atmosphere.

What can you achieve?

  • By the end of the weekend you should have written at least one piece of Flash Fiction. If not two or three!
  • You will have received constructive feedback.
  • You will have 3 places to send your Flash Fiction.
  • You should go away feeling inspired.
  • Hopefully you will have had a lot of fun too.

You should also know how to present your work for publication, what markets accept Flash, as well as how to give your story the best possible chance of success.

Della Galton is a qualified Adult Ed tutor and has sold over 1500 short stories.  She has also won several prizes for Flash Fiction and she is keen to show you how.  Come along – you know you want to.

3. Advanced Contemporary Romance Workshop with Kate Walker

This is a NEW workshop, designed specifically for those who have already attended Kate’s courses at Fishguard, Caerleon, or elsewhere., or who have read her Guide to Writing Romance.

Move your novel on with Kate’s help and advice – exclusively each year at Fishguard.

Guests are required to complete and submit work to Kate prior to the marathon workshop weekend commencement.

Strictly limited to first 15 bookings

4. The Novel Workshop with Janet Laurence

Sessions will encourage both individual and collective participation on the works in progress. Submissions of synopsis and first chapter by 11th January LATEST to Gerry.

5. Get your Non-fiction Book Written and Published with Simon Whaley

The non-fiction book market is vast. Whether your specialist subject is biography, memoir, travel, local history, humour, step-by-step guides or even how your pet can train its human, you can turn your idea into a book. First you’ve got to write it. We’ll explore how to develop your idea into a non-fiction book, identifying productivity strategies to get it written. Which is best for your idea: traditional publishing, or self-publishing? Find out how to develop a proposal for a traditional publisher, and what a publishing contract looks like. Discover the freedom of self-publishing and the various platforms you can use. Learn how to create a publicity package to promote your self-published or traditionally published book. Finally, sit back and watch the royalties flow in.

6. Painting and Drawing Workshop with Susan Alison

A series of six painting and drawing workshop sessions led by one of our expert and professional tutors. No prior experience is required; just bring enthusiasm.